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Central member of UCPN-Maoist Dev Raj Regmi was born on March 15, 1953 in Malumela-8 of Aphlabagar, Bhajhang. He is the son of Nar Dev and Shanti Regmi.

A graduate Regmi worked for NC during Referendum of 1980 but took membership of then CPN-ML after the referendum process.

Regmi, who was in teaching profession from 1973 till 1998, served as a district member at National Teachers’ Association. He joined then CPN-Maoist in 1996 and became a member of State Committee of the party in 2003.

Regmi contested from Bhajang-1 in the 2008 CA Election but lost to CPN-UML’s Bhanu Bhakta Joshi, who secured 13,955 votes. Regmi finished second with 12,148 votes. 


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