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Lilamani Pokhrel was born on June 18, 1952 in Khaira-8, Pyuthan. He is the son of Bamdev Upadhyaya and Kaladevi and has two sons. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Geography and Bachelor's Degree from Education Faculty. He is contesting from Kathmandu-2 in the CA Election 2013 representing UCPN-Maoist.

He took the party membership in 1972 from central nucleus and became treasurer of ANNFSU (Fifth) in 1976. He became the president of ANNFSU for three times; first in 1980 and then in 1982 and again in 1992.

Pokhrel became secretariat member of the Central Left Front in 1991 and was the spokesperson of the Left Front during the democracy movement of 1990. Also affiliated with the CPN (Fourth Convention), Pokhrel went on to become politburo member of Unity Center (Masal) in 2008.

After the party unification between CPN (Unity Center) and CPN (Maoist) in 2008, Pokhrel became the Standing Committee member of the newly formed UCPN-Maoist. He currently is the central member of UCPN-Maoist. He was jailed for four and a half years in total on multiple occasions.

In the CA Election 2008, Pokhrel lost to Nirkumari Kunwar in Sindhuli-3. Unity Center (Masal) had not unified with the Maoist then. Kunwar received 19,944 votes while Pokhrel received only 3,748 votes. 


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