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Ram Nath Dhakal  was born on December 20, 1962 in Khadkkot-3 of Gulmi to Dina Nath and Dev Kala Dhakal. He holds Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

Former Secretary of ANNFSU, Dhakal joined politics from the students’ wing of CPN-ML in 1979 and took responsibility of Chairman of ANNFSU in 1993.

Former CPN-UML’s Lumbini In charge and former central member, Dhakal is now not belong to the central committee as he didn’t file nomination, claiming  to terminate groupism and disputes, during the 8th convention concluded in Butwal.

Dhakal, elected in 1994’s parliamentary election from Gulmi-1, was also elected in the 2008 CA election from Rupendehi-5, bagging 11,080 votes. His closest opponent Basant Kumar Shrestha of UCPN-M received 10,785 while another rival Bharat Kumar Shah of NC received 4,443 votes.  He served as the chairman to the parliamentary committee on State Affairs.

Dhakal, close to senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal, is known to be clever leader.  Arrested in 1987 for the first time, Dhakal was arrested for three times and spent one and half year time in jail.


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