Sher Bahadur Bhattarai (BC)

Sher Bahadur Bhattarai (BC)

Rastriya Janamorcha

Election Area: Arghakhanchi-2

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Vice Chairman of Lumbini Rapti Regional Committee, Sher Bahadur Bhattarai (BC) was born on May 16, 1955 in Narpani-4, Arghakhanchi  to Tej Bahadur and Rimkala Bhattarai. He has school education of grade 6 and joined actively the left politics in 1985 when he was in India for the employment.

Bhattarai, popular as Sher Bahadur BC served as member of Akhil Bharat Nepali Ekata Samaj  Nagar Samiti in 1987.  Ex-chairman of Arghakhanchi Working Committee of Akhil Nepal Rastriya Jana Morcha, Bhattarai was assigned as a central member of Akhil Nepal Rastriya Jana Morcha in 1991.

After the establishment of Rastriya Jana Morcha, he was made the central member till 2007.


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