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Right to vote for anti-federalists

Nepal came to the current situation because people voted on some party’s threatening and some party’s money in the past constituent assemble election. People were not aware in this regard. At the present context, if we think which party is the right one to be voted (which party is adopting the path to peace? Which party is coming to the villages with people’s concerns on mind?) it will be better if people vote keeping such things on their mind. Another thing, it is indispensable for the people to understand the advantages and disadvantages of federalism! Lastly, in my view, it is better to vote for anti-federalists because federalism is the reason behind failure in drafting the constitution. Since there is a danger that federalism creates conflicts over the issues of ethnicity and borders and lead to disintegration of the country. So I feel it is right to vote for anti-federalists! Thank you for allowing me to express my views.

How to participate?

Go to the Ujyaalo's facebook page 'www.facebook.com/ujyaalo' and send us your views, photos, video via message.

Mention Ujyaalo's Twitter Handle @ujyaalo (www.twitter.com/ujyaalo) while tweeting. Use #NepVote in your tweets about election. 

Go to your message box and type 'Vote'. Give a space. Then write your views on elections and send it to 5566.

Dial our toll free number 16 60 01 5 55 66 and record your views in your own voice from every day 9 am to 10 am. You can also call 01 5000192 during rest of the day to record your views via IVR.

You can email us your views on any candidate, party or election itself, including photos and videos. Your messages in our inbox [email protected] will easily reach us. 


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