Balaram Subedi, Nawalparasi

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Choose able candidate

Now, everyone is hopeful about November 19 election. Federalism and state restructuring are the contentious issues. These issues cannot afford highhandedness, aggressiveness, submissiveness as well as foolishness. The issues should be resolved with prudence and great care and consideration.  On the one hand foreign powers are eying on us while poverty and depravity prevails in our society on the other. So the candidate having due qualities to bail out the country from this stalemate should be voted for.

How to participate?

Go to the Ujyaalo's facebook page '' and send us your views, photos, video via message.

Mention Ujyaalo's Twitter Handle @ujyaalo ( while tweeting. Use #NepVote in your tweets about election. 

Go to your message box and type 'Vote'. Give a space. Then write your views on elections and send it to 5566.

Dial our toll free number 16 60 01 5 55 66 and record your views in your own voice from every day 9 am to 10 am. You can also call 01 5000192 during rest of the day to record your views via IVR.

You can email us your views on any candidate, party or election itself, including photos and videos. Your messages in our inbox [email protected] will easily reach us. 


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