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  • I'm independent....

    I'm independent....

    I haven't joined any party so far. That's why I'm independent. And whatever I say, I say it independently. No matter what the others say here. But speaking as a general public, the date fo...

    Indra Jijibisa
  • Why should we vote for anyone in such situation?

    Why should we vote for anyone in such situation?

    I do not want to cast my precious vote to anyone. What good has happened here by casting it anyway? This is all just the play of external forces. It is clear what kind of people are contesting in the ...

    Khadak Rai
  • संबिधान सभाको चुनाव होला जस्तो मलाई लाग्दैन ..

    संबिधान सभाको चुनाव होला जस्तो मलाई लाग्दैन ..

    संबिधान बनाउने चुनाव हो यसमा सबै दलको सहमति हुनै पर्छ। कुनै दल बिशेस ले चाहेर मात्र हुन सक्दैन र कुनै बिशेसका कार्यकर्ताले मात्र भाग लिएको चुनाव को कुनै महत्व हुन्न। त्यसैले सर्बसाधारण जनताले स्...

    Bishesh Raj Morohang
  • एयरपोर्टमा मतपेटिका राख्नु पर्यो

    एयरपोर्टमा मतपेटिका राख्नु पर्यो

    दिनानुदिन नेपाल फर्कदै गरेको हामी बिदेशमा बस्ने नेपाली हरुको लागि कमसेकम सरकारले एरपोट मा एउटा काउन्टर राखेर विदेश बाट फर्कने हरुको मतदाता परिचय पत्र त्यही बनाई दिय देखि हामीले पनि आफ्नो मत्धिकार प्रय...

    Chabi Lal
  • Election must held on November 19

    Election must held on November 19

    Junsukai halatma mangsir 4 vitra nepal ma chunnab hunuparcha ra sampurna neta harulay pane yo sambedhan sabhako chunab ko lagi aafno partygat ra baktegat swartha lai taygara 1 patak nepal ra nepali ja...

    Muna Shahi
  • How to participate?

    Go to the Ujyaalo's facebook page '' and send us your views, photos, video via message.

    Mention Ujyaalo's Twitter Handle @ujyaalo ( while tweeting. Use #NepVote in your tweets about election. 

    Go to your message box and type 'Vote'. Give a space. Then write your views on elections and send it to 5566.

    Dial our toll free number 16 60 01 5 55 66 and record your views in your own voice from every day 9 am to 10 am. You can also call 01 5000192 during rest of the day to record your views via IVR.

    You can email us your views on any candidate, party or election itself, including photos and videos. Your messages in our inbox [email protected] will easily reach us. 

  • Voting Rights

    Voting Rights

    idesh ma baseka hami lakhau lakha nepali le pani pahichan sahitko matdata ko adhikar ra bhot halne adhikar paunu par6 bhanne mero bichar haina bhane hami bidesi nepali ko ke ijet bhayo ta hami kasari...

    Gopal Raut, Doha, Qatar
  • How to register name in voter list?

    How to register name in voter list?

    I am 18 years old. I want to vote in upcoming election. I would appreciate for the information to register name in voter list. Thank you.

    Amit Rai

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