Shyam Bahadur Raya Thakuri

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Is our country's future alike to it's past?

Who shall we trust- this is a core question that we can observe in numerous disheartened Nepalese's faces, as election days are closer. No one has one voice on patriotism.

The political leaders are busy blaming one another. We are about to have election in this scenario. Is it possible to have CA election?

On one hand, Baidhya is staying away from electoral process; on the other hand, all political parties are repeating their same behavior where sense of war is smelled. We Nepalese living abroad are worried, if country is going nowhere again.

The government too is acting as if it is longing for war. It will result worst if job kicked out Nepal Police and Army personnel are teased instead of settling them properly.

The situation will worsen more if political leaders do not come into one way throwing away their inner conflicts. Who will be responsible if country once again goes towards war? Whom shall we blame if it happens?

Are our political leaders thoughtful regarding it? Mobilizing Army and being busy in party promotion for election are giving calamity clue.

Our trust for Maoists has result consequences now. Also, Nepalese' trust and belief for Baburam Bhattarai went into vein as he could not end up bringing all political leaders because of his self centered attitude. We can't expect much from Nepali Congress, as it has same ways alike to past.

We are in need of a leader who can protect our country and can make new developmental moves. Mobilizing armies can result CA election in country but Maoists' activities are doubtful. Thus, I request all political leaders and alliances to be thoughtful about the political scenario and maintain peace in a country.


recently Sarjaha, UAE

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