Yogesh Adhikari

Thursday, Nov 07, 2013 11:08 AM (4 years ago)Total Hits: 1.4 K

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Be aware Nepalese people!

Be aware people! Leaders will provide you food for the sake of votes until the election date only. After election, you got to earn your living on your own. The voters need to be cautioned more than leaders in the upcoming election as former have not understood the latter yet.

Looking at the crow of people carrying the parties flags and rallying in the poll campaign taking aside their farming works, it seems that the people are still unable to recognize cunning faces of leaders. 

The youth have are found uploading  leader’s picture in  social networking sides and conducting poll campaign spending money from their own pocket.  It is inferred that the poor youth still hope that the leader would provide them with jobs.

I request all the youths and voters not to squander their time carrying party flags or campaigning for any leaders. It is better to spend time with your own work than going to any gathering or seminar of any political parties.

Just caste the vote to the candidate of your choice but don’t kill time attending any political gatherings for you have to work on your own to make both ends meet once the election concludes.

Dharampur, Jhapa

Now in Doha,Qatar

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