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  • Please save our country

    I have a dream to return Nepal, after election, and dwell with my family operating a small business. But, I feel now like that, my dream will scatter due to conflict in the name of election. We, resid...

    Shyam Bahadur Ray Thakuri
  • Be careful for voting

    I heard in the news that we can vote even we do not get the ID card provided by the government. I think this will allow some people to vote more than once. One of the ministers told in an interview wi...

    Bed Raj Sunar, Dang
  • Is our country's future alike to it's past?

    Who shall we trust- this is a core question that we can observe in numerous disheartened Nepalese's faces, as election days are closer. No one has one voice on patriotism. The political leaders a...

    Shyam Bahadur Raya Thakuri
  • Election is everywhere

    In village and in town, election is everywhere Enchanting slogans, carrying flags scenario is really here   Now you behind us, till yesterday you showed your anger Don't vote the corrupte...

    Komal Nath Rimal (Sadhu Ram)
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